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    Hello —

    I just finished building the quaverato, and it sounds great. I am having issues with some of the knob functions, though.

    I can’t get the rate knob to function correctly. I can use the tap tempo to set the rate, but not the rate knob. The effect comes on with the rate set to zero (solid green led) and will not start quavering unless I use the tap tempo. I can tell that the rate knob is working somewhat because if I move it, it overrides the tap tempo (as discussed in the manual) but always sets the rate to zero.

    Depth is similar (starts up as zero no matter where it is physically set, then wakes up if I move it).

    Wave shape does not seem to work at all. Sounds like I am stuck on sine wave.

    Volume, Spacing, Mix, Mode, and Phase work fine.

    I’ve got continuity between the correct pins and the center lug of the pots, and a stead 4.98 V on pin 20.

    The pots have 4.98 across their outer lugs.

    Any ideas on where to start to get these functions working?


    — JG

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    JG, thanks for writing! What you are describing is something we hear from time to time. Sometimes it is fixed by re-flashing the Quaverato software. Apparently the software sometimes becomes corrupted during handling of the microcontroller. Re-flashing with the latest software is super-easy with the free ZDL Updater App for PC. You will also need a not-free piece of hardware called a USB-Tiny Programmer. Any Arduino nerd you know has one of these. If there’s an electronics shop or maker space in your area, they will have boxes of them. Or you can get one from us. Re-flashing the software often fixes these issues, but I will ask the Quaverato designer, Brach, to weigh in when he is back in the Lab on Wednesday.


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    Thanks Glen, that sounds plausible. If Brach confirms, I’ll see about getting the Programmer and reflashing the chip. Hardest part will be finding a windows box around here.

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    I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble with your Quaverato.
    First of all, are you getting a voltage between 0 and 5v on pins 23 and 24 as you turn the rate and depth pots? If so, the problem is probably that your microcontroller got damaged by static electricity in assembly.
    We have seen these microcontrollers get damaged by static electricity in such a way that some of the functions stop working properly. But it is hard to say, in this case, if the static only damaged some of the flash memory or has caused more permanent damage. Re-flashing the device very well may solve the issue, but unless you already have access to a USBtiny then I would suggest on getting a new pre-flashed microcontroller. Use our contact page to email us with your serial number and mention this issue and we’ll get back to you about a microcontroller replacement. But we can’t guarantee that this will solve the issue because we had no quality control over the way this pedal was built…but from my experience this will probably solve the problem.
    Once again, sorry for your troubles.

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    Jared Gordon

    Hi Brach —

    Thanks for getting back: checked the voltage on the knobs and they are changing as you describe.

    The serial number is ZD3634. If it makes it easier and cheaper I can pop the chip out and send it to you to be tested/reflashed.

    Or, let me know how much a new flashed chip would be and I can paypal the amount to you if that is simpler.

    — Jared

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    Jared Gordon

    Hello again —

    Following up on this thread, can you let me know the best way to move forward?

    I don’t have access to a windows box, or own a USBTiny.

    I’m fine with purchasing a new, flashed chip if you can let me know the cost.


    — Jared

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    I’m sorry to leave you hanging…I got caught up in the renovation project in our warehouse for the past few days.
    I’ll contact you via email about what to do with your chip.

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