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    Bill Craft made this custom metal case for his friend Carolyn, aka Lady C, who posted a brief video of this unit in action:

    Here are Bill’s comments and photos:
    “This project was made for a friend of mine, a very interesting performance artist who has a fascination with manipulating sounds. The theremin seemed like the perfect instrument to work with. I have to say that your Midi controller is a very nice unit and you have some of the best instructions that I’ve seen.”

    “The stickers were very handy. I wanted to do the faceplate out of aluminium so I took a picture of the decal and sent it to the laser engraver to etch onto a black painted piece of aluminium. When it’s done the burned paint just brushes off and it’s clear coated.”

    “The case was made from some scrap metal from work, I work in a metal shop so there’s a lot of it.”

    “The knobs I made on the 3D printer out of a soft rubber for a better grip. This was a fun project to work on. Not sure what’s next.”

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