Ill-fitting XLR jack?

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    I recently completed my Cortado kit, which is working pretty well, except that the XLR jack is fitting really badly with any XLR F jack or cable I pair it with. It’s showing significant resistance to plugging into or out of anything, even the junkiest, loosest, cheapest XLR cable I could get my hands on.

    It looks like part of the problem is the notch in the housing isn’t wide/deep enough, but it’s leaving small scrape indentations on the XLR F cables I pair it with. I tried undoing the whole cable, and re-inserting the pins to make sure the pins weren’t the problem, but the resistance is present even from the initial contact with the rim of the housing – I can’t tell if the diameter of the housing is off, or if I really did just botch it somehow. Any tips? Has this happened before?

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    Sorry it took me so long to respond to your post…
    I’m sorry to hear about the XLR jack problem. I’ve experienced that once before and I ended up using a different XLR cable and it seemed to solve the problem. I wasn’t able to figure out what was the issue. Now that i’m thinking about it, I’m wondering if the plastic piece that holds the pins was in crooked or out of alignment somehow, but it seems that you’ve tried that already. Does the metal XLR male housing with out the plastic pin holder inside it fit on one of your XLR female cables alright? That might give a clue if the housing or the pins are the problem.

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