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    Hey…Brach here…
    In doing a quick google search on soldering tutorials i found a really good beginners article on instructables:
    This article gives some good background info that’s important to know, as well as instruction on technique.

    Another source good to read that will “teach anyone the basics of soldering” is the “soldering is easy comic book” from (as linked to from the previous article):

    Announcing the “Soldering is Easy” Complete Comic Book!

    …now offered in 17 languages!

    for the visual learner, youtube also has a bunch of great videos. one of my favorite youtube channels is dave jones’ eevblog, which has a really good series on soldering…
    part 1:
    part 2:
    part 3:

    these references should at least be sufficient to get you started. as they say…soldering is about 20% knowledge and 80% practice. if you need practice an easy way to start working with a soldering iron is to take apart some old, broken electronic gadget and start playing around with the circuit board, removing and replacing components. …entertaining and educational!

    good luck!

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