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    Can the VPM-1 be adapted to a standard classic Ernie Ball Volume pedal
    The potentiometer block setup appears to be the same, only the front end jack module is different.
    It looks like it would take only 2 extra holes drilled to match.
    It would be great if this could work in the other pedals.


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    Thanks for the question.
    We designed the chassis on the VPM-1 to fit on the VP Jr line of Ernie Ball pedals. Unfortunately it won’t easily screw into the bigger original line of Ernie Ball volume pedals…the hole spacing is a little off. It probably would be possible to drill a hole through the aluminum volume pedal chassis to accommodate the VPM-1 chassis, but it might be tricky because you’d have to drill through part of the “counter sink” (or chamfer) of the original hole.
    I just tested the electronics on the the original EB that i have laying around and everything seems to work well. The magnet lines up nicely to the sensor board.
    One thing that i noticed was that when i took the string off the pedal flopped around and didn’t stay in one set position. So i took the treadle/axle mechanism apart and noticed that i didn’t have the spring disc washers that the VP Jr pedals have to keep the treadle tight. I ordered some of these spring washers so hopefully that will fix the loose treadle. This is the only classic EB volume pedal that I took apart so i’m not sure if it’s normal for them to not have the spring washers…apparently it was for that production run.
    So to answer your question, if we there’s enough interest in the VPM-1 for the classic EB volume pedal, we’ll look into starting a production run with a new chassis and face label (keeping the rest of the design the same). But we might have to offer these spring washers and instruction on how to mod that part of the pedal too.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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