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    “What do you mean, my ‘parts are showing'”?
    Hutch sent us this update:
    “The amp itself is still in its primal unclothed state, however it has been paired up with a variety of speaker/cab combinations including a 4×4, a 2×4, a big cab 1×12 (20x20x16), and several 1×8 variations. Pictured are the 2 cabs I’ve decided to use. The black one started off as a fender frontman. The guts were ripped out of it and the opening for the controls is blocked off. The back is half open and the 2 ports are open. It has the [ZDL] Jensen speaker in it. Great tone and fills my little studio with sound. More important, to me anyway, is the bass tones are a little more spread out. They’re still there but not as concentrated in one spot. The mids and highs still shine. The amp is going in a cab that will match.
    The suitcase has a Celestion 8 fifteen speaker in it. Another good match for the Percolator, I think. It’s a bit brighter than the Jensen. The suitcase setup has a bluesier, looser sound to it. Probably because it vibrates and rattles a bit, but I like it.”
    Naked Perc and Cab Collection

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